Al Bahie Fine Rugs & Carpets Auction

Al Bahie recently held the Fine Rugs & Carpets auction. An outstanding selection of the finest rugs and carpets in an exclusive 88 lot live auction, featuring works by over 30 master weavers, including pieces by Amughali, Intishari, Faizallah Haghighi, Rasul Abbasi, Hussain Dawari, and Habibian. The auction featured a pair of rare Isfahan carpets by master weaver Rasul Abbasi with the ‘lost paradise’ design – a pure silk Qum carpet by the master weaver Kashi Zadeh with a unique Ashraf designed attributed to the Shah of Iran; and a rare vintage Isfahan carpet with dragon design woven by master weaver Faizallah Haghighi and also signed by master weaver Rustam. Al Bahie received a large turnout from carpet collectors locally and internationally due to the rarity and quality of the pieces and their never-before-seen union in this exclusive show-stopping auction.

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