What We Do

Striving to deliver new experiences to customers & clients

AbuIssa Holding houses over 70 distinguished businesses across 11 sectors. Each of our businesses, whether developed as our own concept, or as a partnership, is distinguished by the quality of products and services offered.

At AbuIssa Holding we continue to grow and explore the possibilities of innovative new businesses.
AbuIssa Holding proudly represents an extensive network of 76 local retail outlets and sister companies spanning across the diverse market in Qatar.
Contracting & Engineering Services
The need for professional engineering services varies along with the organizational structure, size, and capability of consulting engineering firms.
Brands Distribution & FMCG
AbuIssa Holding is one of the leading distributors globally, for multi-industry products and services. With our key partners and award-winning businesses, we continue to create opportunities for each and every...
Strategy Consulting, Hospitality & Real Estate
Services offered by AbuIssa Holding include consulting services, real estate & facility management. In addition, we provide operating supplies and equipment under AbuIssa Hospitality’s supervision.
Arts, Broadcasting, Events & Marketing
Art & Auction is one of our main areas of focus at AbuIssa Holding.
Electronics, ICT & Security
One of the most important directions of our work is the Telecommunications & IT Services. We do everything quickly and efficiently.
Travel and Tourism
At AbuIssa Holding and through our travel agency GoMosafer, we offer all services for traveling, from luggage choice to travel accessories, up to arranging bookings for hotels, transportation, tickets and...
We do everything quickly and efficiently.
Furniture & Interior Design
AbuIssa Holding delivers interior design services from concept to design to execution.
AbuIssa Holding is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial branches worldwide. Our company is engaged in the production of goods and materials, the sale of consumer goods and the provision of logistics.