A Businessman that Dedicates his Success to Qatar

A Businessman that Dedicates his Success to Qatar, CEO and Chairman Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa was recently featured on the cover of LLQ Lifestyle Magazine. During the interview, Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa discussed his success story during the years, starting with his family-owned business operating in 9 countries. Stepping into leadership and business management at the age of 19 made him the youngest entrepreneur in Qatar. According to Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, it was emergency crisis management and the need of the hour.

He took the grip of his business and put the boat on the sail. He believes that life is a journey and you’ve to enjoy every bit that comes your way. He took the responsibility quite well while putting a hold on his studies and basketball career, taking one thing at a time. However, after 5 years when his younger brother Nabil finished school and joined the business, Ashraf enrolled back in college and completed his studies.

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