Memo Paris launches Inverness

Abu Issa Holding partnered with Printemps Doha in the launch of the new Memo Paris fragrance “Inverness,” hosted by Printemps Doha. During the event, the founder John Molloy unveiled the meaning behind the new fragrance.

MEMO like memory. Like souvenir. Like sillage “The travel is the destination” is Memo’s motto: the time of the journey is an integral part of the experience, it is essential for the encounter with beauty to occur. Creating a perfume is part of the same movement; it is also a matter of patience and high standards in order to achieve the desired olfactory landscape. It is faithful to this vision of beauty that Memo redraws the map of a sensitive world rich in emotions, by creating a unique olfactory world map.

Its very name is intriguing, languorous: Inverness. A land of peat, heather and golden rain, beyond the senses, aptly known as the capital of the Highlands, the largest region in Scotland. Nature reigns free, unspoilt, extraordinary, and the River Ness forges its curves and mysteries. I see the odours of different varieties of wood rising up from this endless green and bracing empire, each more captivating and fragrant than the last. A striking, pervasive trail, as if carried by the riverbed on its way to Loch Ness and its silent legend.

Key Notes : Orris butter (from France), Maté absolute, Sandalwood oil, (from Australia), Amyris oil (from Dominican Republic), Cedarwood Oil (from the Atlas mountains and from the US), Guaiacwood oil (from Paraguay

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