Blue Salon launches the Italian Shoe Brand : DIS

Blue Salon

In collaboration with the Italian brand for men’s shoe wear, DIS, Blue Salon announced the launch of DIS for the first time in Qatar. The luxury department store extended the invitation to VIP customers and press to experience an exclusive luxury touch in the art of shoe making. The Italian shoe brand tailors and customers luxury shoes according to taste and preference.

During the ceremony, the Italian brand introduced a special selection of shoes designed specifically for leisure and relaxation. The collection is a perfect combination of quality, craftsmanship, luxurious materials and modern designs. Customers are welcomed to visit Blue Salon and experience choosing their preferred design, colors and material through a program tailored to customize shoes in the brand’s factory, in Italy, within 15 days.

The Italian brand introduced its latest collection, where uniqueness, luxury sophisticated details are instantly distinguished by their long lines and sharp-edged feet, giving the shoe a sophisticated and noble shape, just like the names of the illustrious Roman emperors who used to consider those models. The entire shoe line is characterized by high-quality materials and ancient craftsmen techniques, which feature a wide range of styles, although the prototype is undoubtedly the Oxford shoe decorated with fine leather hand-made.

Visit Blue Salon and enjoy the luxury experience of designing your own pair of shoes.

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