Abu Issa Holding Celebrated the 2018/2019 Talent Recognition Ceremony

The Ritz Carlton - Doha

For the fifth year in a row, Abu Issa Holding celebrated the 2018/2019 Talent Recognition Ceremony in addition to the first edition of Abu Issa Holding Recognition Awards. We were pleased this year with the presence of all who have attended especially; Mr. Ashraf, Mr. Nabil, Mr. Fawaz and the media and press.

For Talent Management; this year’s theme is planting a seed (Plant; Nourish, and Harvest) which is translated into the slogan (Learn, Grow, and lead). Talent Management work doesn’t happen overnight, there is a lot of work that happens in the back scene which result into the efforts that we see in such ceremonies.

For Talent Management; it gives a great feeling for of achievement and satisfaction to see bigger number of employees graduating every year, the rationale of talent management is to put the right person in the right place while having the right skills and attitude. This department has been running for seven years now, and a lot of work and effort have been done to reach the stage in which we are nowadays.

During the last year, the talent management department was concerned with a lot of research and development in the aim of improving the TM process and practices. It was observed that the Talent Management department at Abu Issa have taken a great shape when it comes to international standards, we can proudly say that our process are more or less near 65-70% of what is being applied in the international scene when it comes to talent Management. It is great to know that Abu Issa Holding is genuinely one of the few companies who have Talent Management department within Qatar, though having TM is really a heavy investment in spite of all the challenges facing the market; mainly economically and politically.

The Talent ceremony celebrated the graduation of different talent pools; Abu Issa Leisure Toys, Abu Issa Marketing and Distribution, Palais Royal, Head Office, Retail Operations, Retail  Management, Food and Beverage , Management Trainees, and Retail Succession Planning List. The 84 graduates have been enrolled in a comprehensive process which covers both Talent Management and Training and Development aspects. The employees get to be enrolled in the profiling process which includes; psychometric assessment tests (personality inventory, cognitive abilities, leadership skills, technical skills); checking their experience, education, performance appraisal, disciplinary actions history, and they get interviewed as well.

The second part of the ceremony celebrated the first edition of Abu Issa Holding Recognition Awards which was an initiative by the top management to award employees for their contribution in the organization. There was a committee formed to set up the criteria and awards categories and make sure that there will be an objective criteria to choose the awardees and have a holistic categories to enable all employees to be considered/ eligible for the awards.

The categories were divided into two types; merit based selection – awardees names to be generated from the system based on formulas and calculations (S) and application were employees can nominate themselves (A). In addition to that they were divided into different clusters; general cluster, operations cluster (retail and distribution), support department cluster, and business management (Retail (R) and Distribution (D)).

Business ManagementSupport DepartmentsOperationsGeneral
Bes Organic Growth *   (S – R & D)Best Employee – (S)Bes Sales Person (R & D) (S)Best Contributor – (A)
Best Performing Brand (R/D) (S)Best Campaign (R/D) (Promotional) (S)Best Business Idea Already Existing  – (A)
Best Own Concept (S)Best (Mystery Shopper Score) (S)Business Process Enhancement Already existing – (A)
Self-Improvement – (A)
Best Preforming Company (Sister) (S)
Best Crisis Manager (A)
Longest Service Award

The event took place at The Ritz Carlton – Doha on Feb 26th with the presence of 260 employees, Talent Management looks forward for next year’s event and see more shining stars among Abu Issa Holding.

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