Twinkle Twinkle

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Twinkle Twinkle is Abuissa Holding’s own developed concept, providing all essentials a mother needs for her new born. Twinkle Twinkle is a one-stop shopping experience for personal use and gifts. Twinkle Twinkle offers various of services including: photo-shoots, beauty care for mothers (manicure, pedicure, hair service, makeup service) and hospital room decorations.

The store is divided into two main sections: personal section & gifting section. Other categories include new born fashion, accessories and bedroom decorations. Twinkle Twinkle offers luxury gift wrapping & an assortment of sweets including Godiva chocolate.

Twinkle Twinkle currently carries the following brands: Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Laperla, Ladia, Baby Gi, ALV by Alviero Martini, Loredana, Picci, Alondra.

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