Established in 1903 Hasenkamp International Transport has been specialised in Fine Art logistics and Fine Art handling ever since.
With over 600 employees, 25 subsidiaries over the world, 300+ specialized Fine Art trucks and over 15 specially designed Fine Art storage facilities, Hasenkamp is internationally the most recognized provider in Fine Art Logistics, Fine Art Handling and Fine Art Storage services.

Hasenkamp Middle East has been established in 2010 under German management to service the expanding Middle Eastern countries. Beside the Doha branch, Hasenkamp is also based in Duabi, Abu Dhabi and Riad.

“We live art. With passion.” Dr. Thomas Schneider, Managing Partner of Hasenkamp
Mission statement: “To provide quality service in art logistics and art handling executed by experienced, trained and dedicated staff. Providing innovative solutions and secure packaging and handling standards.”

Hasenkamp in Qatar
Hasenkamp Qatar has experience with large scale and complex installations at, amongst others, MATHAF, the Fire Station, Qatar Foundation and the National Museum of Qatar.
In addition to various complex and diverse exhibitions, Hasenkamp Qatar assists with installations of (Public) Art Sculptures and private art collections.
We also manage imports, exports, crating and advise on storage solutions for private clients as well as museums and art galleries.

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