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Seventeen years ago, under the management of Abu Issa Holding, Pari Gallery Qatar was established as a destination for luxury, fashion, and genuine Arabic hospitality, Pari Gallery Qatar has become a major player in the retail landscape. Guided by the excellent standard, Pari Gallery offers the finest selection of leading brands of watches, fragrances, cosmetics, eyewear, accessories, fashion jewellery and leather goods. It also prides itself on its fabulous collection of ‘exclusive brands’ that can only be found at its showrooms.

Strategic locations, a wide product range, excellent customer service and a magnificent team of professionals combine to make Pari Gallery a major player in the retail business. Having just seven outlets to compete with other retailers, Pari Gallery maintains its outstanding reputation with local residents and expatriates alike by constantly introducing new products of the highest quality and value. An ever-growing customer base and steady rise in sales confirm the company’s position as a leader among Qatar’s luxury retailers.

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