Catering to the most exclusive tastes of the GCC region, the prestige of the niche fragrances that Palais Royal distributes are the epitome of luxury, with a very selective approach to choosing of brand partners.


Brands under Palais Royal enjoy an unparalleled distribution program across the region, built through a strong network over Abu Issa Holding’s experience as the first luxury retailer in Qatar. Catering to the most selective consumers in the market, our long-term relationships with department stores and specialty boutiques allow us to develop a customized brand awareness strategy. Our objective is the growth of our brands, communicating their story to create a culture around the brand, and ensuring it is fully recognized amongst target segments.


Marketing Activities

Our brands enjoy the services of an industry leading advertising agency that assists in the concept-to-execution of our brand’s messages. From in-store animation of the brand, to PR and everything in-between.

Distribution Program

Rapid growth of our channels in Qatar, with over 17 stand alone stores under 6 department store concepts including Blue Salon, Highlands, Pari Gallery, Sephora and others.

Brand Advisors

Investment in our staff is key, in communicating the brand experience and message of our exclusive brands. Palais Royal recruits, trains and supports to achieve brand objectives.

A Strong Network

We have the ability to fast-track the growth and development of our brands through our long-standing relationships with suppliers.

Palais Royal currently carries over 20 Niche brands and over 20 Selective brands under its distribution arm. We continue to grow to serve nuances of the GCC market, with top-of-mind awareness for our target markets for the exclusive brands we distribute.

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