The Perfume Museum by Reem Abu Issa

The Perfume Museum by Reem Abu Issa The Perfume Museum by Reem Abu Issa

Nestled by the sea in the heart of The Pearl-Qatar, The Perfume Museum By Reem Abu Issa is a unique and alluring trip back in time to resurrect an ancient and mystical luxury object The Perfume. The Perfume Museum is over a two-decade-long dream of Reem Abu Issa. A personal creative expression and an ever growing passion for artistry. The museum showcases valuable, rare, and historically important perfumes of the past decades, when rising perfume makers collaborated with talented glass makers and fashion designers in order to create the most intriguing perfume bottles as objects of luxury, creativity and art.

We invite you to take a journey to retrace the history of fragrance along the Silk Road. Then another one to learn about how perfumes are made. From raw materials to extraction, distillation, formulation, industrialization and bottling. After completing your journeys, you will be treated to a rare view of the exceptional collection of perfume bottles dating back to the 1800’s leading to the masterpieces of commercial perfume bottles of the 1900’s. You will also discover a unique collection of early cosmetics from kohls, face powders, compacts and lipsticks.

We are truly excited to welcome you to this unforgettable experience at the Perfume Museum located now at Secret Notes – The Pearl Qatar.

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