Al Bahie “Mal Lawal” Auction

Al Bahie Auction house recently held its latest auction “Mal Lawal”, a nostalgic auction from Qatar’s old golden days. The auction consisted of 122 lots from different categories.

Some of the lots with a collection of timeless pieces included: Lot 11, a specimen of 50 riyals issued by the Qatar and Dubai Monetary Council in 1966 during a colour experiment model, not exported in this colour. Considered as one of the rarities, lot 46 included a luxurious necklace made of gold and pearl. It is a set of three pieces; a necklace, earrings, and a ring with a total weight of 60.5 grammes of gold.

The auction was attended by live bidders, telephone bidders and online bidders simultaneously. All of whom competed for the prized collections from Al Bahie.

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