AIH own-concept luxury gourmet store

At Abu Issa Holding, we have successfully grown our own-concept retail businesses that we developed and executed in-house. As we are devoted to taking a concept and making it a global phenomenon, we continue to innovate new concepts that offer an edge in the market.

Gold Gourmet, a boutique that offers high-end chocolates and gourmet confectioneries is one of our recent concepts that has been a go-to destination for confectionary lovers. The expertly curated assortment includes renowned brands such as GodivaThe True Honey Co., Maxim’s of France, Nespresso , Divan of Turkey and much more. The store offers loyal customers a curated experience, catering to the traveled palate of the region. The high-end concept is designed with the sophistication of its customer in mind, through the crafting of a luxury experience by housing favorite brands in a contemporary setting located in The Pearl Qatar and Gulf Mall.

Visit our stores to learn more.

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