Karisma Cosmetics has launched its new website

www.karisma-cosmetics.com is now live!

Karisma Cosmetics is Abuissa Holding’s multi-brand beauty concept. Founded in 2002, it caters to the young women of the region. With a strong presence across Qatar, the well-known cosmetics concept is the first of its kind in the region, rapidly growing since its inception to seven locations . The newly launched website features the latest assortment of affordable beauty brands such as The Balm, Real Techniques and Bourjois. It also offers its loyal customers an enhanced shopping experience with in-store categories of exclusive products. Committed to providing the best service, Karisma Cosmetics has a dedicated online team offering an incomparable experience curated to combine fashion, luxury, and excitement.

Discover the latest in beauty at www.karisma-cosmetics.com

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