CEO Ashraf Abu Issa on the cover of Al Fanar Magazine

Abu Issa Holding CEO & Chairman Ashraf Abu Issa was recently featured on the cover of Al Fanar magazine. During his interview, Ashraf Abu Issa shared a vivid example of how to insist on success despite any difficulties.

As the business of Abu Issa Holding keeps growing today onto various continents of the world from east to west, not only by its acquisition of agencies of many international brands but also with its own concept brands such as “Mosafer” and “Karisma”, as well as his artistic projects under the umbrella of Abu Issa Holding like “Bissan Gallery”.

AIH continues to invest in developing the culture and art industries of the Middle East and strives to partner with tomorrow’s innovator, assisting brands & businesses that aim to establish a presence in the region.

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