POCA & POCA’s Autumn/Winter 2019 ‘Shades of Fall’

Blue Salon

POCA & POCA recently uncovered its Autumn/Winter 2019 ‘Shades of Fall’ Collection at Blue Salon. Precious pieces are carefully handcrafted by a team of master tailors in Poland with precision and skill, working together to produce pieces of the highest quality. The signature of the POCA & POCA finishing is the baby pink thread that is used to highlight the charming and delicate character of the POCA & POCA brand.

Showcasing an array of tones of pink, yellow, cream, brown and black, the outfits are perfectly created for the fall weather and holiday celebrations of the season. Dazzling dresses featuring ruffles on the shoulders embody a joyful mood, while lovely blouses with delicate frills along the neckline and sleeves are decorated with gold buttons to elevate the sophistication for an occasion. Wide-legged trousers add a certain elegance to an ensemble while high-waisted skirts are perfectly graceful for a jubilant event. This season, POCA & POCA also introduces key pieces in the collection created with a gorgeous luxurious tweed material and some decorated with lace frills making them statement creations that are timeless.

The collection is now available at Blue Salon – Ladies Section – 1st floor.

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