Candle Workshop by Tiziana Terenzi Fragrances

Secret Notes - The Pearl

Secret Notes recently hosted Paolo Terenzi on May 29, 2019 for an exclusive candle-making workshop at their Pearl branch. Mr. Terenzi is the co-founder and the main perfumer or the ‘nose’ of the legendary Italian fragrance and lifestyle brand, Tiziana Terenzi. Paolo only works with natural raw materials. In his library of materials, he focuses on 200-300 most precious notes that he blends to create highly complex, sophisticated rich compositions.


Paolo began the workshop by explaining the different types of wax that they use in creating their candles. He went on to add fragrances and even a “secret ingredient” to the hot wax which he said is responsible for the long-lasting fragrance of the candle. For the wick of the candle, Terenzi used a flat wooden wick instead of the commonly used cotton.


Guests and media attending the workshop had the opportunity to learn candle-making nuances from the master in addition to practicing the making of their own candles.


All Tiziana Terenzi fragrance products are available at Blue Salon and Secret Notes Pearl & Festival City.


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