Blue Salon Launches Gentle Fluidity from Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Blue Salon

Blue Salon, Qatar’s leading retailer of luxury brands, recently launched Gentle Fludity – two identities from Maison Francis Kurkdjian ’. To celebrate the launch of the new identities of fragrances, a cocktail reception was hosted at Blue Salon. Present at the launch were Marc Chaya , CEO of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Nabil Abu Issa,  Vice chairman of Abu Issa Holding group and Fawaz Al Idrisi CEO of Abu Issa Holding group.

As a keen observer of society and its evolution, Francis Kurkdjian mirrors his era by telling stories through fragrance.

Gentle Fluidity is his answer to contemporary questions on gender identity. “Gentle” because benevolence is one of Maison Francis Kurkdjian core values. “Fluidity” because we are all free to express our personality without having to submit to diktats, just like the Maison has unlimited creative freedom.

Gentle Fluidity is the name of two new eau de parfum created by our in-house perfu­mer. A single name for two distinct olfactory identities. The same name shared by two creations whose distinctive feature is to be composed of the same ingredients.

In gentle Fluidity’s (gold) generous, enveloping trail, we can find coriander seed essence and an overdose of musks and vanilla. The floral, spicy note of coriander seeds brings, just like musks, ethereal volume and a lingering trail. In the base notes, the gourmand, reassuring notes of the vanilla accord enhanced by the ambery woods reveal a radiant, bright silhouette.

In Gentle fluidity (silver), nutmeg and ambery woods are dominant and release a vibrant, comfortable trail. As for juniper berry essence, it leads to an ascending, ultra-fresh, aromatic note, similar to a “gin frappé” effect, balanced by the dry, slightly balmy, spicy notes of nutmeg. The base notes reveal ambery wood facets ranging from sweet and enveloping to powerful and dry.

Ingredients of in gentle Fluidity’s (gold)

Generous, enveloping trail.

Olfactory family: Musky oriental.

Ingredients: juniper berry essence, nutmeg essence, coriander seed essence, musks, ambery woods and vanilla accord.

Emphasis on coriander seeds, musks and vanilla accord.


In Gentle fluidity (silver)

Fresh, vibrant trail.

Olfactory family: Woody aromatic.

Ingredients: juniper berry essence, nutmeg essence, coriander seed essence, musks, ambery wood and vanilla accord.

Emphasis on juniper berry essence, nutmeg essence and ambery woods.

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